Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Uranus opposed to Mars can be violent in a physical sense, too (not just bring on anger in an emotional manifestation). Physical violence seems unlikely to happen in an office setting, though. Just make sure you watch where you are walking, however, as you could walk into a wall or miss a step going down an unfamiliar staircase.

Saturn will be in hard angle to Mars, which is interesting, for Mars is all about being impulsive and acting quickly, but Saturn is blocking Mars, asking you to reconsider and to think twice before you make a move. This may help you, considering how Uranus is out of control this month and poking Mars to provoke him (and you) in the process. This not an easy month.

This eclipse of November 19 may also again put you in contact with medical personnel, either for yourself or as an advocate for a friend or family member. If your doctor finds something wrong, nip it in the bud. Full moon eclipses bring closure.

As tough as this eclipse may initially be, we have to look to Venus as the leading planet that will give us an indication of the final resolve because this is an eclipse in Taurus (and Venus rules Taurus).

Remarkably, Venus will be the only well-aspected planet at this eclipse and will receive silvery, electric (friendly) beams from Uranus, and that will bring on a surprise about money. If you need surgery, the eighth house (where Venus is for you) rules insurance, along with gifts, commissions, bonuses, and other one-time payments of cash. With Venus in Capricorn, your eighth house of other people’s money, it’s possible a large sum of money may be sent to you in a one-time payment, and it would come out of the blue. You may receive a handsome sum, quite unexpectedly, either as a windfall or as new business that will pay you well.

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