Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The November 19 eclipse will bring an ending or some sort of closure. It falls in your twelfth house of confinement, which includes work done in solitude and healing done in places where you’re separated from the public, such as a hospital or rehab center. You might have your procedure now or go to a professional therapist to talk over a problem for a new point of view. If you have become dependent on a substance, you can work with professionals trained to help patients with the same matter you are dealing with and who have had success in healing patients like you.

On the same day as the November 19 eclipse, Uranus will attack Mars in a 180-degree tug-of-war—an explosive aspect. You might be drawn into an argument almost by accident, or you may feel there’s a situation where you cannot be silent any longer. It’s a volatile time, and no one can predict how the chips will fall if you do speak up, so be sure you know what you hope to accomplish by giving someone a piece of your mind. It may be worth doing to clear the air and to express to the transgressor how you feel, or you may feel it’s better to take the noble approach, say nothing, and separate yourself from the person as soon as possible. If you think someone is a hot head, or has a mental or emotional illness, deliver your responses quietly and calmly, careful not to trigger a blowup that would become greater than you can handle.

Mars opposition Uranus usually indicates a sudden, severe split between two people, never to come back together again. More specifically, Mars opposition Uranus can indicate you are about to walk out of your job, or a person who reports to you is ready to leave and will shock you when she announces her impending departure, which may happen immediately with no notice. (Lunar eclipses point to a woman and often someone is “eclipsed out” of your life, and in this case, it would be someone who reports to you.)

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