Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars will add more fuel to this same work-a-day area of your chart, for Mars entered Scorpio on October 30 and will stay until December 13. Mars is tagging behind the Sun and new moon. This is the same area of your chart where the new moon will appear on November 4, so Mars will add even more concentration on everything happening now. Your plate will be full in the coming six weeks.

At least Mars will leave Scorpio in mid-December, giving you relaxing time to spend with your spouse or committed steady partner during the happy holiday season. (Mars will move into Sagittarius, favoring those Gemini who are already in a close relationship. Single Gemini will have time to breathe and socialize.)

Take note: November 13 is a day when Uranus will aim his cannons at Mercury to exact degree. Mercury is your ruler, the planet meant to take good care of you, so steer clear of that day for any major meetings. Don’t sign papers on this dreadful day either because not much good would come of the deal.

Whether or not you have a heavy load at work or at home, you may be focused on your health. You must be good to yourself. If you have a medical concern requiring a procedure that you know you should address but have been putting off, something may come up to convince you that you need to finalize it—you will find the time to do so this month.

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