Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taskmaster Saturn will be in hard angle to the new moon and Sun, so no matter what comes up, you will feel the weight of more responsibilities coming your way, but possibly only temporarily. Don’t try to fix things quickly. New moons have a long tail and are very unlike full moons that wrap up situations fast. You will need patience.

If you are not currently employed, you might be busy looking for temporary or permanent work similar to the work you used to do. (Looking for a job is hard work, as anyone can attest to who has gone through the process.) Employed or not, it looks as though you are not looking to take on more responsibility, but due to changes in your environment, you may need to take on more anyway. For example, if an office assistant or housekeeper leaves, you will have to do his or her work too, until you can find a replacement. This will be no ordinary month, so plan to stay close to home rather than travel, and don’t over schedule yourself.

On the plus side, the new moon and her partner the Sun will both receive shimmering rays from Neptune, so it appears you may be inspired by the work you will be doing this month. It may allow you to be experimental or creative, so in that respect the work you get involved in could be different and refreshing.

The Sun and Neptune will be in sync on November 12. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio (the sign of the new moon) will also be supportive of Neptune, giving further evidence that your name in your industry will continue to grow. Any stress you might feel would have to do with day-to-day routine matters, projects on your desk, and people you hire to help you. Although glitches may be annoying, you will emerge triumphant.

Venus, positioned in your eighth house of other people’s money, will receive a friendly vibration from Uranus, so you may receiver a handsome sum, quite unexpectedly, either as a windfall or as new business that will pay you well.

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