Gemini Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are fortunate that your ruling planet Mercury will go direct on November 3, having been retrograde in the very same area of your chart since October 13. You can soon start to buy electronics and sign contracts—I had warned against doing so up until now—and you will feel the pace of life pick up in a swift, gratifying way. Because clever little Mercury is wildest when he is at the beginning and endpoints of his retrograde, avoid jumping into activities too quickly, as soon as November 3 arrives. I’d like you to wait at least a week.

Besides, Mercury’s big brother Mars has also been retrograde, taunting you with delays, indecisive VIPs, postponements, and more since September 9. Mars will turn direct on November 13. It’s never wise to launch anything new—no new business ventures or new relationships, whether romantic or business in nature—while Mars is retrograde. Things never work out as you assumed, and they soon lose steam and never fulfill their potential. Mars retrogrades every two years, so you will have an open road to begin projects after November 13.

You might encounter one problem after the new moon of November 14 because offstage, on the sidelines, Uranus, planet of surprise, will be aiming his cannons at your ruler, Mercury. This could cause a sudden upset with an assignment. Go over what you need to do for a client to be sure you know precisely what will be expected of you. Don’t take for granted that you will get the job—it appears you have some competition for it, so if you are up for one, pull out all the stops to make sure you are the clear choice. If you are already working on an assignment, don’t let down your guard. Do the very best you can.

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