Gemini Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

Mars will remain in Cancer until May 20, so during the first three weeks of May, you will be spending more money than usual, a trend that started March 25. Venus is in Cancer too, your financial salary and savings house, so if you are buying clothes or accessories for the coming season, they will be quite beautiful. On May 26, you might find a gorgeous item on the Internet that you feel you must have when Venus connects to Uranus.

As soon as Mars moves into Leo on May 20, to stay until July 10, it will be time to travel more often, and that is sure to be music to your ears. You need not choose a distant point—nearby locations will bring you great pleasure.

You are in a year of preparation for the Emerald Year that is coming, starting May 25, 2024, and extending a full year. You have been waiting 11 years for this sparkling year—when Jupiter will enter Gemini—you have one more year to go. The more you prepare for it, the bigger and better that year will be. You have the time to get ready, so start dreaming with a purpose, and imagine all that is possible.

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