Gemini Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

This full moon on May 5 is given triple strength by the fact that it is a lunar eclipse. Saturn, presently in your career and prestigious reputation sector (your tenth house), is the natural ruler of your house of other people’s money, including commissions, bonuses, royalties, licensing fees, loans, mortgages, reimbursed expenses, taxes, and the like. A conflict over a financial matter seems to be a large part of the problem, or you may have a large, necessary expense come up.

Don’t rush to judgment. Your ruler Mercury will be retrograde until May 14, clouding the relevant details of the situation. There is a bigger reason not to act quickly: News that comes to you at eclipse time tends to stir up a lot of cosmic dust, and until the dust settles, it’s hard to choose a path forward. Every eclipse has a second act, and more news will be forthcoming within a short time—a few days or weeks.

By May 19, the new moon (not an eclipse) will bring five heavenly bodies to your twelfth house of secrets, so be circumspect with your dealings with others. People may not be supporting you in the way you would normally assume they would, and instead, they might be working at cross purposes with you. Pluto will be in a hard angle to Jupiter, so a past agreement or an ongoing project may need to be tweaked, reassessed, renegotiated, or abandoned altogether. This is not a good month to take risks, so proceed with a more cautious, conservative approach through all that happens.

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