Gemini Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

Now let’s look at the new moon on May 19 in Taurus, arriving just three days after Jupiter moves into Taurus. This new moon (not an eclipse) will set a trend when you will want to withdraw and take some private time. If you have to do research for a book you are writing, for scientific research for a medicine you are developing, or while drawing up your opening statements in a court case if you are a lawyer, as some examples, you are in luck. Your very best work will happen when you are alone in a place where you can think in solitude after May 19. Your intuition will run quite deep from this point on, so you would be wise to listen to your hunches. In fact, you may have a prophetic dream—pay attention to it. Jupiter will work closely with Saturn to bolster your reputation and cement your outlook for your future career growth. Your reputation seems unscathed despite a problem you might have concerning one particular project near May 5.

Additionally, when you have Jupiter behind the scenes in your twelfth house (as you will for a year, starting May 16), you will be protected in hospitals and places of confinement and would likely work with distinguished doctors and other medical personnel.

Jupiter in Taurus has another bonus for you—your higher-ups speak of you in glowing terms to each other, something you might not be aware of for some time. VIPs will look out for you and be willing to see you receive the kinds of assignments you deserve so that you can grow within the organization. The new moon on May 19 will trigger this bonus for you.

When Jupiter is finished with his tour of Taurus next year on May 25, 2024, he will move into Gemini and give you one of the finest years of your life. You will enter your Emerald Year, so this year, before you reach that point, is a good time to plan for what you hope to achieve when you have your glorious year of opportunity, happiness, and luck on all fronts. You have not had a year like this for over a decade, so it will be special. Indeed, if you live to 96, you will have eight of these shimmering years in your lifetime.

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