Gemini Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

The sector where this lunar eclipse will appear also rules health, so keep an eye on how you treat your body. If you feel anything that seems off, have it checked out. Be careful not to take any medicine or potentially harmful herbs or other consumables this month. Ask about possible side effects before you take any new prescriptions. With many heavenly bodies gathering in your twelfth house, you may interact with medical personnel.

You might go in for a surgical procedure you have been putting off, whether that be medical or dental in nature. Alternatively, you might decide to schedule a round of routine tests that you know you should do each year. Or the medical discussions might not be centered on you should you decide to act as an advocate and helper to a family member in the hospital.

Mercury, your ruler, will continue to retrograde until May 14, so if you do need surgery, see if you can schedule it for later in the month (if the procedure is elective and not urgent). We cannot control everything in life, so if you need surgery, by all means have it as soon as you can. While Mercury retrogrades, it is also important to put off signing papers until later in May. Don’t buy a car or any electronic item (or machine) while Mercury is out of phase. Any planet is at its worst behavior within the days just before and after retrograde—the start and end dates—so you always want to leave several days in between. Mercury goes direct May 14, so wait a few more days before doing any of the above.

I will admit we all will be rattled by the May 5 eclipse. It has a gang of unhappy, squabbling planets, and their disagreements with each other will create tremors we will all notice here on Earth. The rule with eclipses is never to initiate an action, only respond to someone else’s initiation or challenge. If you do that, you will have a better shot at a favorable outcome.

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