Gemini Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

Meanwhile Pluto is newly minted in Aquarius, your ninth house, and will apply pressure to Mercury in Taurus (in a wide but significantly harsh 90-degree square), giving you another reason to delay any travel in May. The ninth house rules the court system too, so if you need legal advice at this time, the situation may be a tangled quagmire and not easy to sort out. Have patience. (Pluto is due to leave next month on June 11 when he retreats back to Capricorn to tie up loose ends. Pluto will return to Aquarius to stay permanently—20 years—next January.)

Eclipses are legendary for bringing all kinds of buried information to light, and on May 5, you may find out what’s going on under the surface quite suddenly. As said, this full moon has Uranus, the planet of unpredictable, surprise events that you’d never imagine happening, conjunct the Sun. Both are in severe opposition to the full moon. The full moon is found IN your work-a-day project sector, but the moon RULES your finances. I feel you may receive a sudden expense, which could be considerable (I hope I am wrong). Keep an eye on your projects and assignments because something might go off the rails at the last minute, just as you’re wrapping up the project.

Alternatively, because the sixth house (where this eclipse will occur) is where subordinates are found, you may hear that a trusted worker is leaving, such as your assistant (at work), a nanny, your mother’s daily caretaker, your housekeeper, bookkeeper, gardener, or another person who you hired and would see daily or frequently at home or at work. A great assistant is hard to find, so this news may shock and sadden you, but have faith—you will be able to handle this news and find a replacement who you like just as much.

As soon as Mars moves into Leo on May 20, it will be time to travel more often, and that is sure to be music to your ears.

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