Gemini Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

You not only have Jupiter but action-hero Mars in that same part of your chart. Mars first entered Pisces on April 14 and will remain until May 24 this month. Mars will give you the push you need to compete in a winning way.

At the same time your career excitement is going on, you have just come through a solar eclipse in your twelfth house of solitude (April 30). With the Sun positioned there, it appears you are withdrawing to do research or writing, and because the moon is there too, this project will be quite lucrative for you. Uranus was conjunct the Sun, so surprising twists and turns are due, and the media seems involved—television, cable, the digital world, or publishing. These disciplines are Gemini’s forte, and now your talents are being recognized. Keep working on your craft—develop your talents to a higher level of sophistication. With your dazzling aspects, you can do it.

The lunar eclipse, a full moon, on May 15/16 could bring a project to a culmination and finish. It seems tied to the work you were concentrating on while behind the scenes this month. This lunar eclipse is beautifully oriented to Mars in your prestigious professional sector, so it is likely your work is going to be well-received. With a powerful nod from Pluto, money is rolling in, and the sum may be substantial.

Keep an eye on your health, for if you neglect it, this full moon eclipse will remind you to care for your body. Dear Gemini, you are often so busy living in your head that you sometimes forget you even have a body. Attend to annual exams and screenings, and when your doctor gives you the advice to feel even better than you do now, you’ll be on top of the world.

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