Gemini Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

The Sun will move into air-sign Gemini on May 20, instantly making you feel more energetic and ready to take on the world. On May 23, when the mighty Sun will speak directly to good-fortune Jupiter in compatible fire-sign Aries, you may see how dearly a friend cares about you and wants to help you. This is a magical day, and you will feel the benefits of this aspect over the previous weekend, May 21-22.

Next, let’s look at May 29 as Mars will conjunct Jupiter, making this a big deal day, possibly one of your favorite days of the month. This happens rarely, only one day every two years, but always in a different sign. Mars will conjoin Jupiter in entrepreneurial Aries, a great day to talk about a new project—something that few people have achieved before you. Mars will bring energy, and Jupiter will contribute generous compensation. They meet, as said, in Aries, the sign of the bud, the renewal, the birth of new life, so that’s why learning something new, doing something new, or meeting someone new (in business or friendship) would be so fitting. Jupiter and Mars will conjoin in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes at this time. Here again, a friend will be recommending you or helping you achieve success. Put a gold star on this day.

Another big moment of the month will come near the very end on May 30 with the new moon in Gemini, 9 degrees (not an eclipse). Dear Gemini, this new moon is saying it is time to launch something dear to your heart. Mercury, the lead planet at this time, will receive favor from Pluto, so a VIP is likely to look kindly at your abilities, ideas, and requests. With Pluto orbiting in your financial eighth house, you are likely to make a very favorable financial deal. Mars and Jupiter will still be orbiting close to one another at the time of this new moon (one day after their dazzling conjunction) and play a part in making this new moon more beneficial for you.

Use this new moon to start something dear to your heart. Wait a few days to launch it as Mercury will be retrograde until June 3. This will be a powerful month, no matter what Mercury does to slow things down.

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