Gemini Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

With the Sun, new moon, and Uranus in this house, your dreams are likely to be vivid, and you may get a clue to a puzzling mystery (regarding any area of your life) through a dream. At any rate, your instincts and intuition will be exceptionally strong. Listen to your gut—it’s there for a reason, even if initially you have no facts to back up this feeling.

This month’s other eclipse, a lunar full moon eclipse (they always come in pairs) will fall on May 15/16 in Scorpio, 25 degrees, lighting your sixth house of work projects. Something is coming to an end now, and it seems to relate to a project at the office or one you are doing at home for yourself. I mentioned earlier that you might see someone leave, and if so, this would be the time it would happen. (You might want to allow one week after May 15 to hear the message of this eclipse, but it would probably come sooner, closer to May 15.) This person could be an assistant or other member of your team tied to your office work, or it could be a housekeeper or nanny at home. The person would report to you and not be someone high level that you report to in any way.

This eclipse will also ask you to watch your health and do whatever you can to ward off colds and flu. Uranus is in wide opposition to the May 15 lunar eclipse, with a space of 10 degrees, which is at the border of significance, so I am not sure if Uranus will bring up a surprise health matter or not. If anything seems off, out of an abundance of caution, go to the doctor to nip it in the bud. This would also a good time to have an annual medical checkup, do screenings, and include a visit to the eye doctor and dentist. The Sun will be square Saturn, an indication you may be overworking yourself or feeling a lot of pressure to perform.

On the plus side, you have Pluto at a great angle to the Sun mid-month, at the lunar eclipse on May 15, an indication you are about to make good money from a deal you are discussing. Pluto is in your house of royalties and commissions, so if you can work on a performance-based deal, you’d do better than if you worked on a straight salary. (You may try a combination of the two, if you can’t work on all commissions or if you are a little afraid to do so.) Mars and Neptune will be supportive of this full moon lunar eclipse too, and this bodes so well for creativity and artistic expression. Use your imagination, and share your thoughts with VIPs.

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