Gemini Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

Alternatively, you may see changes regarding your ability in writing or speaking. I find sometimes a client leaves when they are “eclipsed out” of your life, perhaps due to a budget cut. I find that often the eclipse will ask for a sacrificial lamb—something to give up—before you get something else that is better. I am always grateful when the universe asks me to give up something if I was not overly attached to it. Your ability with writing, speaking, editing, translation, coding, and research certainly could be highlighted, and for Gemini, this is usually an important part of your life—you excel in communications.

The April 30 eclipse lit your twelfth house of secrets, so a project you are involved in would likely require you to keep it confidential. You may find when working on your day-to-day assignments, working alone will be most productive, for the twelfth house, where the eclipse will fall, is a house that engenders solitude. When alone, you can concentrate and reflect on complex matters.

I love that Mars in your prestigious house of career success is in direct support of the Sun, new moon, and Uranus at this solar eclipse on April 30, suggesting this eclipse may realize a formal opportunity that you will be excited about doing. It looks like you won’t be able to discuss it with others for a while, not until the project is finished and ready to be seen.

The twelfth house is also the area of the chart that rules mental health, for it has strong ties to the subconscious mind. This is why working alone would be so productive—it brings creativity up to the surface from the deep well of your subconscious mind. If anything has given you anxiety or made you worry, this eclipse, felt strongly in the first half of May, may convince you to reach out for help from a licensed therapist, perhaps through a teleconference.

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