Gemini Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Gemini

Astrology is not a cookbook of aspects. You can’t look at only one ingredient in the cake, but rather, you must consider and weigh all the ingredients. You have so much going for you that I don’t want you to let Mercury retrograde mess up a good, strong month. Be careful, but not frozen. Indeed, I don’t want you to sign a contract or make a big commitment too close to May 10. (That also is the date that Jupiter leaves Pisces.) I would say that the last day you can give verbal or written consent to a project would be May 3, leaving a week of separation from the date Mercury goes retrograde.

Speaking of May 3, this will be a wonderful day, because that’s the day Jupiter and Pluto will be in conversation, considered a big feature of 2022. When these two planets make a harmonious aspect, that’s big news, and it will only happen once in 2022, on May 3, when Jupiter in Pisces, in very late degrees, will precisely signal Pluto in Capricorn in the same late degrees. If you need to sign papers, this is your day, May 3, for Mercury retrograde will be closing in, but far enough away from the retrograde until May 10.

I also love the following day, May 4, when Mercury (your ruler) at a friendly angle to Uranus will send you good surprises. Work on a digital project, write or give a speech, or develop an advertising or social media campaign—whatever you do will be original. Uranus, the “higher octave” of Mercury, takes the intellectual, analytical, accurate facts that Mercury gathers and synthesizes the material into something very new and innovative. Your mind will be lit with 100,000 points of light.

Now let’s consider what will happen when Jupiter leaves Pisces, exiting your tenth house of professional achievement and moving into Aries, your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. The eleventh house is also the house of financial profit achieved from work done earlier, and this is particularly noticeable if you are self-employed. Jupiter will spend a year in Aries, and you will reap dividends from the work you did earlier, in 2021 and 2022.

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