Gemini Horoscope for May 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You may also have more interactions with medical personnel after May 11. I know I shared that information with you in March and April, because you hosted Mars in Taurus, giving you this influence, and now you have another reason to have this type of interaction—a new moon in Taurus. It may be that you have a relative in a facility like a hospital or nursing home, and you will provide hope and cheer to that person or act as that person’s advocate. Alternatively, you could be scheduling your annual physical screenings—this would be a great time to start making those appointments.

Let’s turn to another topic—the whereabouts of energetic Mars. Mars was in Gemini recently, March 3 to April 23, which could have made you a little restless and impetuous. Now is not the time to act on matters, but it is a good time to plan, before you swing into action.

Mars moved into Cancer on April 23, to stay until June 11, suggesting you could be spending quite a bit of money, and it seems to be directed to your present or new home, one or more of your children, or another family member.

The full moon at the end of this month will be a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, May 26. It will fall in your house of partnerships, so some sort of discussion or decision could be coming to critical mass at that time. Specifically, the focus may be on your spouse, long-time sweetheart, or a close business relationship with a partner or collaborator (agent, publicist, business partner, or another expert you hire to help you). Much depends on how things have been going all along, for this eclipse will further push things in the direction that has already been determined. If you have been very happy, this eclipse may bring an engagement or the arrival of a baby. (An eclipse of the moon often brings changes in the domestic condition, and a baby certainly does that.)

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