Gemini Horoscope for May 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

May 2019

Dear Reader,

I am so excited about May I can hardly contain myself. It brims with happy, positive aspects, and brings many joyous surprises. I feel you will love May!

As we go through the month, I will continue to remind you of important, sweet aspects on Instagram (@AstrologyZone), Twitter (also @Astrologyzone), and on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Keep looking for the blue Verified check mark next to my name on all three social media platforms as some people are pretending to be me. I will post almost daily so that you will be able to use every sparkling aspect as they come up—there will be many!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you begin May, your subconscious will be brilliantly lit. As a Gemini, you are considered a highly intellectual, analytical air sign. Your mind usually moves at the speed of light, but this month your mental capacity seems different and extra special. Your ability to resynthesize thoughts into the realm of something truly new and innovative will be remarkable.

This trend will be set off by the May 4 new moon in Taurus at 14 degrees, which will conjunct the Sun, and both the Sun and new moon will be orbiting close to Uranus (also in Taurus). Uranus is associated with surprise, rebellion, and independence, and when found in the twelfth house, as you have now and will continue to have for the coming seven years, with genius, creativity, and even psychic stirrings. As the smart, objective sign that you are, Uranus will increasingly urge you to trust your intuition for you will gradually see that it is there to protect you.

Your twelfth house, where all these heavenly bodies are based, points to places of solitude, so you will do your best thinking when working alone in a secluded place, away from others who will distract you. With a heavy emphasis on Taurus, you will be practical and cost-conscious, another reason influential VIPs will consider your views. In May, take your inspirations seriously. Your need to produce unique work will be strong, so voice your ideas for Uranus is there for a purpose—to stimulate you and excite you with your output. The universe is listening.

Two big-deal planets, Saturn and Pluto, will be looking upon this new moon with kindness, so anything you begin after the new moon arrives will likely have profit potential, stability, and the possibility for longevity. This has to be an ideal situation for you. Meanwhile, Neptune, in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, will be very friendly and suggests that you may receive an invitation to be interviewed on TV. Neptune will encourage your artistic expression too, for Neptune is the patron of the arts.

I also love that Mercury, your ruler, which is moving at top speed, will receive a golden beam from good-fortune Jupiter on May 2. What a great day this would be to sign a contract, schedule an interview, hand in a manuscript, give a speech, negotiate a deal, or travel near or far. It’s also a good time to present an entrepreneurial idea. You have so much going for you now!

You may want to circle May 8 too, for Mercury will be in ideal angle to Uranus, so on this day you could turn yourself into a virtual idea factory. Your mind will have the luminosity of 100,000 points of light. Use this day to brainstorm with another person you trust—you’d be so very productive!

Mars in Gemini is giving you something very precious—the courage to be yourself and to rally the support you need from others to make your dearest desires a reality. Energy attracts energy, dear Gemini.

Still, my gold-star for the best day of the month goes to May 9, when Venus and Jupiter will work together to make this day dazzle. Venus will be in Aries then, touring your friendship house, and Jupiter will be in your committed partnership/marriage house, making this a time to surround yourself with lots of people. If you belong to a club, by all means, go to a meeting. If you’re invited to a party, accept and wear your best outfit. This is a day not to be alone—go out and see what the world has in store for you.

While I am on the topic of pointing out special days, I will add that I love May 16, when your ruler, Mercury, in realistic Taurus, will receive comforting, stabilizing vibrations from Saturn. This would be an ideal day to sign a contract or even run to city hall and marry. Promises made will be promises kept on this powerful day.

Your big, beneficial moment of the month will be the splendid full moon of May 18 in Scorpio at 28 degrees when you will be wrapping up an important work project or negotiation. Whatever you may be concluding seems to have a significant bearing on your future and your finances, because that full moon will be so friendly to Pluto and Saturn, both in your eighth house, ruling such funds as commissions, royalties, bonuses, and licensing fees. I feel that money could be coming to you as a result of this full moon. In turn, Saturn and Pluto will be well-positioned to Neptune, the planet that might attract enviable publicity to you in your career.

This full moon is such a perfect one for you that there’s even more good news. Mercury and the Sun will have encouraging help from Pluto and Saturn too, so you should feel that finally, things are working in your favor and that you are doing far better than you assumed. I love this full moon. If you have been thinking of hiring staff that would report to you, you can announce your selections at that full moon. If you have been interviewing for a position, you may receive the offer, but keep in mind that no matter what’s said, the job will be similar to the one you have now, not a step-up. You may want to wait until the full moon September 13 for an offer and a breakthrough position that is truly a plus.

With the Sun receiving stabilizing vibrations from Saturn at this month’s full moon, you may have a chance to take a short trip to see a client face-to-face, and if you do, chances are you will reach accord quickly. Alternatively, you may be hearing welcome news involving your home, property, or a family matter.

This full moon will light your sixth house, the area of your chart that rules not only work projects but also health. If you have been troubled by a health condition, this full moon of May 18 (plus or minus four days) may bring an end to it. On the other hand, you could receive news that things are going in the right direction. I say that because the Sun will be in perfect angle to Pluto, the planet of regeneration and healing. Pluto will also be in fine angle to Mercury, which is so very lucky. It seems to say that health matters will likely bring good news. A full moon in Scorpio also indicates that interactions with medical personnel tend to be positive.

If you have not had any of the yearly medical tests you know you are supposed to take, this would be the month to schedule them, and by May 18, you are likely to hear that all is well. If you have been working out, you may now reach a personal best.

Now let’s talk about your finances. Once Mars leaves Gemini, it will transit your financial house May 15 to July 1, and you will experience higher than usual spending. You may already know about this, for example, if you have to send a check for the next semester’s tuition or make a deposit on a vacation cottage. If you have not been shopping lately, you may be browsing your favorite shops for new designer clothes for the coming season.

On the topic of shopping, see if you can shop for new wardrobe items early in the month while Venus is still in Aries, a fire sign that blends beautifully with your air-sign element of Gemini. Venus will remain in Aries until May 15, and since part of Venus’ job is to make you look wonderfully unforgettable, shopping in the first half of the month will likely pay off.

One more point before you and I leave the topic of money—I feel you could receive wonderful, sudden financial news on May 22, when Mars and Uranus work together. News that a sum of money is on the way to you could come out of left field. This is money you would earn, not win, but that’s even better—it would be your skill, not luck, that would be responsible for your influx of cash.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21, you will feel your energy and optimism grow. If you’ve been working on a confidential project, you will be ready to unveil in the four weeks to come. If you have been feeling a little under the weather, you will see a turning point. It will be like the Sun coming out as a few clouds clear away. You are entering your birthday season of the year, always a very positive time for you.

One more note: in terms of love, having Mars in your sign during the first two weeks of May will be a big plus. You will have a sexy, alluring aura that you may not even realize yourself, but that others will notice. Your most sizzling day will be May 14 when Venus in Aries will signal her lover Mars in Gemini. This day will be sexy and hot. It’s a Tuesday, but if you are single, see if you can meet friends for dinner (nothing will happen if you stay home). If attached, this is a great day to flirt with your one and only love.

You are fortunate. Mars, the energy planet, is in Gemini for the first time in two years, making last month, April, and part of this month, May, a critical window in 2019 for projects. Launch a new business venture or make decisions in your private life. Both areas will benefit from your having Mars behind you.

Mars in Gemini is giving you something very precious—the courage to be yourself and to rally the support you need from others to make your dearest desires a reality. Energy attracts energy, dear Gemini. You must hurry, however, because Mars will leave Gemini on May 15, not to return until March 2021, two years from now. Use the first golden two weeks of May to your best advantage.


As May begins, work on your projects in solitude and take a moment to catch your breath from time to time to plot your course for the coming months. The Sun, new moon, and Uranus will be transiting your twelfth house, indicating that you will be sensitive to all that goes on around you, both in your environment and regarding others. You will notice mannerisms, gestures, and other elements of body language—this will help you sort out other’s intentions and allow you to see the deeper meanings behind words and events. This may lead to powerful, intuitive stirrings that you should listen to, for your friends may pronounce you downright psychic this month.

The new moon in the twelfth house is a sign that working by yourself—away from co-workers and other distractions—will be the key to high productivity this month. If you can arrange for a peaceful stretch of time in a cabin in the woods or to do research in an old, beautiful library in a stately building downtown, then go—you will spin your solitary hours into gold in May.

Mars, in Gemini for the first time in two years, is asking you to grab the reins and gallop forward with a strong sense of purpose—this is true even though you might be working alone on a project so that you can think about all the details. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not—Mars will give you the determination to keep going because you seem to be much closer to victory than you assume right now. VIPs will listen to what you have to say, and you can now have your dearest plans approved and in motion. In your money sector (eighth house), Saturn and Pluto will be bolstering your name and high profile in your industry, and you may be discussing an artistic or film/TV project.

The full moon on May 18 will find you wrapping up an important work project. If you need to hire someone for your home, such as a nanny or housekeeper, or your department at work, this full moon would be the perfect time to announce your choice. The full moon will receive silvery beams from Neptune, currently in your house of fame and honors, so the job you are doing now will allow you to impress VIPs and could easily put you on their short list of stars in the making. In fact, you may find you are invited to be interviewed on TV or written up in the press. Give this project all you have to give.

This same full moon may mark a time when your health improves, especially if a particular condition has required care from a doctor. All signs point to your feeling stronger and more energetic within four days (plus or minus) of May 18.

You may have high expenses coming up in the second half of May and during June, but on May 22, when Mars receives happy vibrations from Uranus, you may make a sale or hear of a windfall that will soon be on its way to you.

Mercury, your ruler, will be signaling several planets this month and create at least one job-related opportunity for you.

One of your best days of the month will come on May 2, when Mercury and Jupiter will be in sync, making it an auspicious day to sign a contract or give a speech. This would also be a superb day to make a presentation or a sale or to have an interview. You’ll be favored above many others, so go for the gold.

The other wonder day will be May 16, when Mercury and Saturn will work together to give you stability and long-lasting favor. On this day, make a promise or seal a deal that you would love to see in place now and forever.

In terms of fun and love, your gold-star day will be May 9, one when Venus and Jupiter will align for a heavenly evening out. Be sure to be with friends or at an event that draws many people together, say, for a party or club program. Whatever you do on this magical day is sure to please.

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