Gemini Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The new moon in the twelfth house is a sign that working by yourself—away from co-workers and other distractions—will be the key to high productivity this month. If you can arrange for a peaceful stretch of time in a cabin in the woods or to do research in an old, beautiful library in a stately building downtown, then go—you will spin your solitary hours into gold in May.

Mars, in Gemini for the first time in two years, is asking you to grab the reins and gallop forward with a strong sense of purpose—this is true even though you might be working alone on a project so that you can think about all the details. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is not—Mars will give you the determination to keep going because you seem to be much closer to victory than you assume right now. VIPs will listen to what you have to say, and you can now have your dearest plans approved and in motion. In your money sector (eighth house), Saturn and Pluto will be bolstering your name and high profile in your industry, and you may be discussing an artistic or film/TV project.

The full moon on May 18 will find you wrapping up an important work project. If you need to hire someone for your home, such as a nanny or housekeeper, or your department at work, this full moon would be the perfect time to announce your choice. The full moon will receive silvery beams from Neptune, currently in your house of fame and honors, so the job you are doing now will allow you to impress VIPs and could easily put you on their short list of stars in the making. In fact, you may find you are invited to be interviewed on TV or written up in the press. Give this project all you have to give.

This same full moon may mark a time when your health improves, especially if a particular condition has required care from a doctor. All signs point to your feeling stronger and more energetic within four days (plus or minus) of May 18.

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