Gemini Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

One more note: in terms of love, having Mars in your sign during the first two weeks of May will be a big plus. You will have a sexy, alluring aura that you may not even realize yourself, but that others will notice. Your most sizzling day will be May 14 when Venus in Aries will signal her lover Mars in Gemini. This day will be sexy and hot. It’s a Tuesday, but if you are single, see if you can meet friends for dinner (nothing will happen if you stay home). If attached, this is a great day to flirt with your one and only love.

You are fortunate. Mars, the energy planet, is in Gemini for the first time in two years, making last month, April, and part of this month, May, a critical window in 2019 for projects. Launch a new business venture or make decisions in your private life. Both areas will benefit from your having Mars behind you.

Mars in Gemini is giving you something very precious—the courage to be yourself and to rally the support you need from others to make your dearest desires a reality. Energy attracts energy, dear Gemini. You must hurry, however, because Mars will leave Gemini on May 15, not to return until March 2021, two years from now. Use the first golden two weeks of May to your best advantage.


As May begins, work on your projects in solitude and take a moment to catch your breath from time to time to plot your course for the coming months. The Sun, new moon, and Uranus will be transiting your twelfth house, indicating that you will be sensitive to all that goes on around you, both in your environment and regarding others. You will notice mannerisms, gestures, and other elements of body language—this will help you sort out other’s intentions and allow you to see the deeper meanings behind words and events. This may lead to powerful, intuitive stirrings that you should listen to, for your friends may pronounce you downright psychic this month.

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