Gemini Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Gemini

Your ninth house, where Pluto will reside for such a long time, is an area that you are very comfortable with—it rules absorbing information and also shares the knowledge you take in through communication. The ninth house rules higher education, publishing, broadcasting, and the digital world, as well as distant travel. If you don’t travel far and wide, it may be that your work will grow in influence, so your work will travel for you—extending across the globe. This is a mind-expanding trend, one that I feel you will be deeply affected by having Pluto in Aquarius and the massive transformations it will bring to society. We will all be moving away from a consumer-based economy (things we shop for that we can see and feel) to a more information-based, creative, and digital world. You, more than most signs, will feel comfortable in the world that we are heading toward.

Mars has been moving through Gemini since August 20 and is still in your sign, which is unusual for Mars, a planet that usually makes much shorter trips of about seven weeks through each sign, not one that lasts seven months. Having Mars in Gemini has been a wonderful advantage, for it has put you in a leadership position.

At the same time, there was a possible downside to having so much energy and electrical charge directed your way from Mars. At times you could have felt you were subjected to too much stimulation. You are a live wire to begin with, always running on nervous energy, so you soon found you needed to find ways to cool down and de-stress. When Mars went retrograde from October 30 to January 12 (which must have felt like an endless set of weeks), no matter how hard you worked, you felt as if you weren’t seeing the results you had hoped to achieve. You WERE putting in a lot.

When Mars went direct on January 12, you gradually entered your best period of all, which you are still in now. You will have until March 25 to use this precious energy directed to you by Mars to take control of a competitive situation and convince VIPs that you’ve had the right solutions all along and that management should allow you to prove this to them. On March 25, you will lose Mars in Gemini, not to return until next year on July 20, 2024, until September 4, 2024, a period of six and a half weeks (not seven months!).

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