Gemini Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Gemini

This sweet new moon will bring a big boost to your social life. If you have been cooped up inside, working hard, you will enjoy going out, seeing friends, and having a much easier time. You will have four celestial bodies in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes—the Sun, the new moon, Jupiter, and Mercury—and all will be in the sign of the renewal of life—Aries. Platonic relationships come under the domain of this house, so your relationships with friends will grow and deepen. You may be moved to work on a humanitarian or charitable effort this month as this house is also associated with compassion for those who are suffering and need to be championed and aided in substantial ways.

The activity in this house could also bring several romantic evenings.

Before you even get to the new moon on March 21, however, you have one outstanding day when Venus in Aries will signal her lover Mars in Gemini on Saturday, March 11.

This day, March 11, is a very magnetic vibration that will increase your attractiveness beautifully. Whether you’re single or attached, this day could be a standout for you. On this same day, Mercury will receive a wink from Uranus, bringing surprises, possibilities for travel, and fun conversation and banter. The perfume of honeysuckle will linger in the midnight air on this very special weekend date, March 11.

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