Gemini Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller

Since all these planets are stacking up in Gemini in your first house of personality, identity, and determination, you will do best if you display to the universe your list of priorities. In fact, you may need to think about what is truly important to you and reshuffle those priorities to reflect the more modern, evolved “you.”

In weeks and months ahead, you will be offered an entire suite of options—consider taking the one(s) with the greatest future potential for growth. Don’t grab everything that comes your way—be choosy—because you should not spread yourself too thin so that you will be able to get the most from what is being offered.

At the new moon, Saturn will remind you of many responsibilities. Achieving your goals won’t be easy, but you have had Saturn in your reputation and leadership career sector (tenth house) for a little over a year, so by now, it’s likely that nothing fazes you. There’s an upside to having Saturn in a prominent position. Saturn will make sure your gains are stable and long-lasting, possibly forever. Saturn entered in your tenth house career sector last year, so that is where you may be feeling the most pressure, and will exit February 2026.

Sometimes planets zing their energy across the sky to the other side of the horoscope, 180 degrees away, and that would point to your home and family sector, which also may need your focused attention.

Meanwhile, the action planet Mars is still touring your behind-the-scenes sector (twelfth house), indicating you may be in planning mode and thinking about your next action and deciding when to pounce. It would be best to wait to take a major action until after Mars enters Gemini, a privileged period that will give you a fantastic edge. Mars will be in Gemini from July 20 until September 4.

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