Gemini Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller


Your time has come to be rewarded, dear Gemini. You may not have been aware, but you’ve waited 12 years for Jupiter to travel through all the constellations to finally arrive in Gemini. Jupiter, the good fortune planet, already settled into Gemini last month on May 25 and is set to stay until June 9, 2025, a little over a year.

You have just entered your Emerald Year with a chance for international travel, stunning career growth, improved health, and opportunities for meeting your one truelove, or if attached, growing closer to your partner in your present relationship—all are in the cards. You are, quite simply, the celestial favorite of all signs.

To be sure you notice that things are changing strongly for the better, you have a fantastic new moon in Gemini on June 6, and it will set your new, bright year in motion. Accompanying the new moon will be her ever faithful partner the Sun, along with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, Mercury, your ruler (whose job it is to take good care of you), and Venus, the planet that makes you popular and oh, so attractive and magnetic. New moons are powerful aspects in astrology, so watch the kind of phone calls and meetings you have in the days AFTER the new moon arrives—within 10 days of its appearance.

Before you get to the new moon on June 6, you will have a dazzling aspect on June 2 when mighty Pluto will send a beam—a trine—to Jupiter. This is a highly beneficial financial aspect, and because these two planets move slowly, this aspect will be in play almost all through June. This is a fantastic aspect that rarely occurs. The next time Pluto will trine Jupiter after June 2 will be September 24, 2028, four-plus years from now. This aspect only occurs on one day, so early June truly glows, and it will spread over the entire first week and with slightly less strength through June.

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