Gemini Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller

Remarkably, Jupiter will be conjunct Mercury on June 4, and still be in significant aspect at the time of the new moon June 6. This new moon will favor you in an outstanding way. If you need to sign a contract, you could not wish for a better time to do so. Additionally, with your ruler Mercury being showered with the good fortune of Jupiter, you have the element of luck on your side.

There is more good news! Mercury is also the natural ruler of Gemini’s fourth house of home and family, so you likely have a lot of activity going on there. You may be moving, renovating, or staying put and simply decluttering and refreshing your décor. This month would be an ideal time to devote yourself to your home and finding ways to make it more inviting. You may see increased emphasis on your home, other property you may currently own, want to buy or sell, or will give greater attention to a family member after the new moon June 6. Looking ahead, note these days for further developments for home and family matters: September 2 and next year on March 14, 2025.

Two weeks after the new moon of June 6 we have a full moon on June 21 in Capricorn at 1 degree, which is considered a very active critical degree. It is also interesting to note that this full moon will be followed by a second full moon in the same sign, Capricorn, at 29 degrees, known as a degree of completion, due exactly one month after June 21 on July 21.

This tells me that the coming two months will strongly accent financial matters. The house that will be lit by both full moons will be your solar eighth house of other people’s money. That house does not generally rule regular weekly salary but rather one-time payments, fees or large sums from a bank loan, student loans, venture capital, research grants, taxes and tax refunds, cash gifts (or gifts of great value), mortgages and refinanced mortgages, contest winnings, insurance payouts if you filed a claim, inheritances, court settlement division of property in a divorce, and so forth. The eighth house also rules performance-based money, specifically commissions and royalties. One or two of these areas are likely to be on your mind.

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