Gemini Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller

You have a shining year ahead—12 glorious months, starting now—where you will increasingly find yourself at the right place at precisely the right time.

The first day to watch is one I alerted you about last month—June 2, when Jupiter and Pluto will be in perfect trine (a heavenly, divine aspect of pure harmony). Jupiter is in Gemini and Pluto is in Aquarius, two air signs that will benefit you directly, doubly so if you were a Gemini born late in May or have Gemini rising or your natal moon near 2 degrees Gemini. You will also benefit if you have another natal planet in your chart in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius in early degrees, 0 to 4 degrees.

June 2 is a rare date. Jupiter and Pluto are two mega-financial planets that move very slowly, so you will feel the effects of their relationship nearly all month. Both are tied to finances, and with Pluto in your ninth house, you may find international markets to be very lucrative. Alternatively, you may make a deal in publishing or broadcasting, tapping your well-known talents in communication. See what happens on June 2.

Next, circle June 4 as another big day for you because your ruling planet Mercury, whose job it is to take good care of you, will conjoin Jupiter. What a great day—you can do no wrong! Mercury rules you, your personality, and your identity, vitality, and how you view yourself—you are about to see yourself and capabilities in a new light. This will give you confidence and the understanding that your innate gifts are special. You may have assumed your talents were commonplace, but the feedback you will get is that your talents (especially in communication) are outstanding. You will soon see VIPs willing to pay generously to have you in their corner.

During the critical first week of June, you will have a sterling new moon on June 6 in Gemini at 16 degrees. Accompanying the new moon will be her partner the Sun, Venus, your ruler Mercury, and the most breathtaking guest of honor good-fortune Jupiter. All five heavenly bodies will be in Gemini, so you will have rare control over events this month. A favorable new moon like this one can affect you for months, not for just a day. Things will tend to go your way, so by all means speak up. This is just the beginning, dear Gemini.

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