Gemini Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Gemini


It’s birthday month, and life is sweet for you, dear Gemini. The recent new moon of last month, which appeared May 30, was in Gemini. Good-fortune planet Jupiter, now firmly ensconced in your eleventh house of friendship, groups, and joy, will signal the Sun and new moon, ensuring a busy social life for you. Mars, the action planet, is joining in the fun by orbiting close to Jupiter in early June. With Mars and Jupiter in Aries, friends will share the inside scoop of new projects they’re working on, and this will have a stimulating and inspiring effect on you. Jupiter is preparing to stay in this part of your chart for months, and Mars will remain until July 5, so it seems assured that a friend will play a prominent role in adding to your happiness and success this month.

With a new moon in Gemini, it’s your turn to set the agenda in the first half of June. Your ruler Mercury has been retrograding since May 10 but will go direct June 3. Be careful not to begin your key initiatives until after June 3, leaving a space of a few days if possible before moving forward, for doing so will give you better results.

You may only have eyes for your sweetheart or spouse at the full moon of June 14. This full moon will ignite your committed partnership sector, so you may be getting engaged or married over the weekend of June 11-12 or June 18-19 when the loving, heightened emotions of the full moon will be at play. Jupiter and Mercury will be friendly to each other, and that makes this full moon all the better: Mercury is your ruler, and governs the making of promises and agreements, all favored for you now. Saturn will ensure promises made are promises kept, for Saturn will work with Mars to make them happen. Married couples can now make plans to complete an exciting, adventurous goal. Neptune will be acting poorly, however, so make sure you make no broad assumptions that may be too idealistic. Aim for clarity by sharing your hopes and dreams.

It is alternatively possible that you will finalize plans to collaborate with a business partner or agent. It would not hurt to do a background check and to call references.

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