Gemini Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

I get letters from readers that say, wait, no money was given to me. They think the proverbial man with a suitcase full of cash is going to knock on their door and hand them the suitcase. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to make an initiative! So much depends on what you’ve done up to this point—if you have worked hard to build a great reputation, then this new moon will be a time of reward. Astrology is great for helping you plan your actions, if you have been working hard.

There is one little glitch. Again, it will point to Neptune in your tenth house of fame and honors. At the time the Cancer new moon, June 28, Neptune is due to go retrograde until December 3. Outer planets like Neptune typically retrograde for four to five months at a time, so this is not unusual. If you can launch a product, start a new job, or sign papers early in the month, that would be best so that you can stay away from Neptune’s impending slowdown in your career sector.

Neptune retrograde is not like Mercury, Mars, or Venus retrograde, though, because Neptune does not orbit close to Earth like this trio of little planets does. You always feel the effect of these three planets when retrograde. I would not worry too much about Neptune soon to slide backwards. The new moon is the stronger player in this situation and is what is important.

Romantically, Venus will enter Gemini for the only time this year from June 22 to July 17. This is the time when your charm will be working overtime, and people in all phases of your life will be drawn to you. It’s a time to shop for new things to wear, to make a change in you appearance, such as to visit your favorite hairdresser, or schedule a treatment from your dermatologist or facialist. This will be your time to sprinkle fun into your schedule and to make plans.

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