Gemini Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

The second aspect will occur at the same time, June 14, when Neptune, currently in your professional tenth house of fame and honors, will be in a hard square angle to the Sun and full moon. This indicates that certain assumptions will not necessary play out as you think they will. You may be too trusting or too idealistic, something you may not find out for months or even years later. With Mars and Saturn working to setting things in stone, be sure you have thoroughly checked out the person you are hiring or collaborating with because it looks like you will be working together a long time. If you are getting married, be sure that you know one another well.

Whether you are crystalizing a marriage or business partnership, share your thoughts with each other to make sure you both are on the same page. We can’t control everything in life, and there are no guarantees in life, so we do the best to clarify things ahead of time.

If signing a contract, it might be best to wait until June 20 when Mercury and Jupiter will be in perfect sync—a gorgeous aspect that is often good for signing papers. However, Neptune will still be too close, so ideally I would like you to wait for the new moon in Cancer, June 28, before you sign. June 20 would be perfect for travel, however—that date falls on a Monday. Perhaps you can plan to take a break for a long weekend that can include June 20.

It will be time to start making good money once the new moon of June 28 arrives. Ask for a raise, or if you are self-employed, pitch new clients, introduce a new product or service for your business, or begin an advertising, publicity or social media campaign.

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