Gemini Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Money that is received from this area of your chart is usually a one-time fee or gained from a business deal or settlement, such as in a divorce. If you are in negotiations, expect the final sum to be quite generous. I cannot see everything in your chart, but this day stands out as one likely to bring a financial bonanza.

The aspect between Jupiter and the full moon will be 60 degrees (a sextile), which indicates opportunity. In this case, it could mean a sterling job offer (or new client) and the chance to make good money. The Sun will receive a heavenly trine at the very same time, June 24, and that loops in the possibility that you may be finishing up a highly successful communications project. You might be launching a new venture, like an app, electronic game, or podcast series, or you could receive the green light for a new column, book, or screenplay you wrote.

There are other possibilities just as exciting. You may get to host a TV or digital radio show or be interviewed by the media. Neptune will be in perfect angle to the Sun at this time, adding to the possibility that your face will be out there on the silver screen, on the Internet, or on television.

You may complete an expensive purchase on or near the full moon, June 24—you may be closing on a house or condo, buying a car, a costly watch, expensive jewelry, or selling something, such as a house, that brings you a big profit.

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