Gemini Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


Get ready to make money, dear Gemini, for the new moon of July 9 has a reward for you. This new moon will arrive in Cancer and light your second house of earned income. The best way to use a new moon is to plan an action shortly after the new moon arrives. If you are self-employed, launch a new product or service, or announce a flash sale of an item you’d like to spotlight. If you work for others, ask for a raise.

Fair warning, with Pluto opposed to this new moon, you may encounter a powerful individual at your company who does not believe your raise is necessarily warranted. Prepare a list of your accomplishments and contributions to the company, so if the time comes, you can present a impactful case for more money in your paycheck. The world runs on new ideas, so you might also want to propose a new project to the VIP you will see.

The full moon of July 23 will light your ninth house of information—that is, the information you take in through college or graduate school study or international travel. This also pertains to the information you share with others through publishing and broadcasting media. This full moon will fall in Aquarius and will be somewhat near Saturn, so something you have worked on with great concentration is coming to fullness—a book, a white paper, a documentary, a qualifying exam, or a meeting to defend your thesis. Or you may be an editor finishing up work on a sure-to-be blockbuster novel.

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