Gemini Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is not a commonplace aspect—it’s special. Venus and Mars have a very special role in the zodiac—to spark love when they are in conjunction and, to some degree, when they signal each other across a star-studded sky. They long to be together, but alas, they are too often busy with their separate assignments, so all they can do is gaze at one another across deep space.

This month, Venus and Mars will be together, and this is great news for you for they will meet in your third house of quick, short-distance travel. With Venus and Mars together, you have a good chance of finding, or encouraging, romance and bonding closer with the one you love. At the very least, you will have fun.

The third house rules sisters, brothers, and cousins, so you may be seeing one or more of your close relatives this month, perhaps at the location you will be visiting.

If you’ve been watching your money during the pandemic, you may have been able to draw down debt and perhaps even add to your nest egg. Now, as you travel this month, you might feel you can spend a little money on yourself—Mars and Venus, in the royal sign of Leo, will put you in the mood for pampering and luxury. Staying at a beautiful hotel or going out and having someone serve you a delicious dinner probably sounds good. If you stay home, go to a spa for a massage or facial. The best day to treat yourself will be when Venus and Mars meet in sparkling conjunction on July 13.

You should travel this month, dear Gemini, as your home and family will get very active in the coming six weeks. Mars will enter Virgo, your home sector, on July 29 and remain there until September 14. Lots of activity will bubble up then with your home, other property, and your family, so you may want to stay home after July 29 unless you use that energy to visit family during that period. As you can see, you have an exciting July coming up!

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