Gemini Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The full moon will appear on July 23 in Aquarius, 1 degree, your ninth house (the house I was just discussing above), so you will see a culmination of one of the topics I listed just now.

This full moon will be in an out-of-sign conjunction with Pluto, making it powerful, for at the same time, Pluto will oppose the Sun. You may see money come in for work done earlier. If you get a new assignment (possible), it will require a lot of hard work, but it may pique your interest and curiosity, so you would likely enjoy it anyway.

Put a gold star on your calendar on July 12, when Mercury will receive magnificent beams in a “trine” (heavenly harmony) from lucky Jupiter. Although everyone will enjoy this day, you will enjoy it more because Mercury is your ruler. Focus on Mercury-ruled activities: communications and transportation. Travel, give a speech, sign a contract, advertise, post on social media, buy a car, or send in an important application by an express mail service.

Dates you may want to circle because they will bode so well for you are July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and July 19-20. These will be standout days.

Let’s now look at the other activities you might be involved with this month, and for that, we need to look at Mars.

After being in the house so much during the pandemic, you are probably ready to escape to just about anywhere. Mars, the action planet, entered Leo and started to light your third house of quick, short-distance travel on June 11 and will stay most of this month, until July 29. During this time, you will have many chances to pack and go, especially over weekends. Remarkably, Venus will be orbiting close to Mars, as she will be in Leo, too.

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