Gemini Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Gemini

If you can wait until the new moon of January 21 in the highly compatible sign of Aquarius, you’ll find everything will go even easier and better for you. This new moon could open the door to an important new publishing or broadcasting assignment, or in regard to a legal case. Either would likely bring positive results. Another area of gain would include study toward earning an advanced degree (or becoming a professor or other official in such an institution).

Alternatively, you might decide to take an exciting long-distance trip, which, if you have the time to take it, would work out gloriously. Any of these areas, all intellectual in nature, will open your perspective and to see larger possibilities for you to expand your personal growth than you have in the past. This new moon is so positive, you may feel a liberating glow from all you experience.

Mars in Gemini will be beautifully conversant with the Sun and new moon in Aquarius on January 21 and also to Pluto in a late degree of Capricorn, adding up to great cosmic support in the weeks and months to come, especially in the areas of travel, study, legal matters, broadcasting, and publishing (all areas you tend to excel in). At the same time, Mars will support Pluto and will be in an aspect of great strength. This indicates you can take painful experiences from your past and draw from them to transform into a healed, better version of “you” in weeks to come.

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