Gemini Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Gemini

Earlier, on the full moon on January 6, happy news could arrive in regard to your income. If someone owes you money, it is likely to arrive at this time. If you have a new product to launch, wait a few days until after January 12 and place it on the market then. You might also get family money—a cash gift from a parent or an inheritance from a relative that remembered you in their will. Or you may win money on a TV game show. One way or another a windfall seems to be coming your way, and there will be an element of surprise in the money you receive because Uranus will be so friendly. Uranus will contact the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury, both in Capricorn, your house of other people’s money. This means the money you receive might represent a fee for work you did previously. The Sun rules your house of writing, speaking, and communication, so the money may come to you as payment for a successful project you completed.

There is other evidence this should be a fabulous month for financial news—Jupiter in Aries will be in an out-of-sign sextile to Pluto (an aspect of opportunity) linking to your eighth house of other people’s money. You may get a large bonus, fee, inheritance, prize, or attractive mortgage from the bank, as some examples.

This month is loaded with gems, for the January 21 new moon in Aquarius will be especially sweet.

If you want to bid on a job against others, send in your bid after the very fortunate new moon arrives, January 21.

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