Gemini Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Gemini

This new moon will encourage distant travel, import-export of ideas, goods, and services, and intellectual pursuits. This new moon could open opportunities in writing, speaking, lecturing, sales, and all kinds of research, including scientific research, and in publishing and broadcasting. If you have decided to go to college or graduate school, you may be sending in your essay and application if you hadn’t done so in November or by January 1 (depending on the university’s deadline for applications). This is a new moon, so it can open a new path for you. Mercury will be retrograde until January 18, so if you can, I would prefer you send in your application after that date, but ONLY if the college deadline is in late January or in February.

Travel will be quite glorious, so if you can travel, do. Perhaps you didn’t travel for the holidays, so you can take a little time now. You may get an assignment from an executive in a foreign country or from a company in your country but whose headquarters are in a foreign land. You may also hear good news about a citizenship question, visa, or residency status.

This new moon is certainly a peach, for it will receive lovely golden beams from Mars in Gemini and, even more importantly, Jupiter—the giver of gifts and luck will beam this new moon in a tight beneficial aspect. Something is about to make you very happy.

Jupiter is back in Aries as of December 20 and will remain in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes until May 16. Aries is a fire sign that blends perfectly with your air element of Gemini. The eleventh house is one of the finest houses of the horoscope—it rules joy, happiness, and, for those self-employed, reward from hard work done months earlier in your career. It rules a deep desire that can come to you, even against all odds—and that wish can be spiritual (I want a baby) or tangible (I want to own a house or condo). It can be anything at all as long as it exists in your heart, and you want it dearly.

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