Gemini Horoscope for January 2023

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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year.

The day after Christmas I came down with terrible cold, so I spent the holidays inside recuperating and am now starting to feel better. I was so relived and grateful it was not COVID. Because I love to cook, I had made a big batch of chicken soup with many vegetables two months ago, and I have been living on that all week. I am so glad I have it.

I am excited to be back out at public events to speak and meet new people and reconnect with the ones I’ve met over the years. Unfortunately, because I’ve been sick, I had to cancel a few January appearances, including the special one on January 7 in Dallas, which is now rescheduled for February 18 in Dallas from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM with a lunch afterwards. At lunch I’ll be available to talk one-on-one and answer any questions you have. The topic will be the Year Ahead 2023, and I am honored to give the keynote speech

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Your January Horoscope for Gemini

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You have been dealing with Mars in Gemini since August 20, which is remarkable, because the usual length of stay in any one sign that Mars visits is seven weeks. This time, Mars is staying in Gemini for seven months, until March 25. There is a difference now, for Mars has been retrograde since October 30 (the reason Mars is spending such a long time in your sign), but on January 12, Mars will go direct in Gemini.

Have you noticed how everyone, it seems, has been looking to you for direction? If you have said to yourself, Can’t they figure out little things on their own? No. Lately they can’t, and they want to hear your opinion on just about anything. If you tried to see progress on any level, you may have felt you were walking up a down escalator, getting you nowhere. That will change now, for you have been dealing with Mars in a very slow orbit—that will change when Mars goes direct on January 12.

Although Mars will push things forward, you will still need to wait for Mars’ little brother Mercury, which went retrograde on December 29 for his typical three-and-a-half-week period. Mercury will go direct on January 18. For all practical purposes, life will improve after January 18—but leave a space of a few days before you start normal activities, like signing a contract for example. No planet normalizes instantly on the official date it goes direct.

Mercury is your ruler, so his retrograde affects you quite a bit. If anyone owes you money, it appears you have been waiting for it.

The planets that orbit closest to earth are the ones we are affected by the most when retrograde—Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Venus will go retrograde later this year, from July 22 until September 3. Mars will not retrograde again for another two years, and Mercury retrogrades every 12 weeks.

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