Gemini Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Gemini

Romance will be much better in February—Valentine’s Day holds the promise of warmth and happiness this year. If you are single and you met someone new this month with Venus retrograde, there may be intense feelings that will cool off quickly because Venus rules affection—Venus will limit that affection during her retrograde. Sit tight this month, and enjoy the slow pace and peacefulness of January.


You will be in the mood to tend to and examine your finances the moment the New Year takes off, thanks to a glorious new moon, January 2. That new moon will set off this trend in weeks to come.

Surprise planet Uranus will be very friendly to the January 2 new moon, so happy, unexpected financial news is likely to come up shortly after that new moon arrives. Uranus will be in a trine position (denoting supreme harmony), suggesting that you will be in line for an exciting windfall.

You may be in negotiations on a new project that comes up this month, and if talks proceed slowly, accept the pace, and don’t try to push things along—delays will work in your favor. Mercury, your ruler, will retrograde from January 14 until February 3, so arrangements can become solidified only after Mercury regulates its orb. In the meantime, keep planning and working on budgets and ways to increase your income. Arrangements based on commission, royalty, or a licensing fee will do well.

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