Gemini Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Gemini

Emphasis on the eighth house also suggests you may be doing your taxes this month or in February as January’s powerful new moon is there, and Mars is on the way to reach that house too, from January 24 until March 6. If your taxes are easy to do, you might be taking lessons on how to invest safely but still see impressive financial growth, or you may be dealing with an estate property sale. There are many possibilities, but you get the idea.

Mars will remain in your seventh house of partnerships, in love or business, so it will likely be your partner who will create your momentum this month. Let your sweetheart, spouse, agent, business partner, or another person you collaborate with closely in a relationship take the lead. Looking at your solar chart, it appears that it will be your business partner who will be directly responsible for the financial luck you experience this month. When Mars leaves Sagittarius, you will have more say in shaping and announcing your plans.

This entire month will underscore finances, including the full moon of January 17 in Cancer, 28 degrees. At this full moon, Uranus, the surprise planet, in Taurus, will contact Venus, still positioned in your financial house as it tours Capricorn. Pluto will oppose the full moon, so you may find yourself in a fiercely competitive situation, such as if you are bidding on a project. Don’t be concerned as you’ll likely settle talks on a large deal, and as a result, more money will flow to you.

Be sure to keep your options open until you can see the lay of the land because your ruler Mercury will be retrograde, January 14 to February 3. Some facts may be missing or obscured, and you will need time to see all the elements of the deal you seem to be negotiating.

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