Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

Often when we start a new year, the outer planets stay in their same positions, so the look and feel of the coming year stays fairly the same. That does not happen in 2021! Jupiter and Saturn decided to both enter Aquarius two days apart last month, to make lengthy stays. Gradually, other planets will migrate away from Capricorn and into Aquarius—something you will see in February—and offer a lighter, breezier influence than what we have been used to.

The eclipses have moved away from Capricorn and Cancer too, into more mutable, flexible, and adaptable Gemini and Sagittarius. We will have three eclipse in those signs in 2021, and the start of in a new series, Taurus and Scorpio, when one arrives in Taurus this year. In 2020, we had a remarkable six eclipses (actually seven, if you count the December 25, 2019, eclipse that appeared one week before 2020), which means that the universe was asking us to make many sudden adjustments.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you prepare to start the new year on the right foot, you will likely be very focused on closing your current year-end financial ledgers. If you are out of work and fervently awaiting the next stimulus package, you are in luck because its recent approval falls within four days of December 29, the full moon in your second house of income. That doesn’t mean the money will arrive instantly—it will probably arrive at or just after the new moon January 12 as wiring the money takes time.

The December 29 full moon in Cancer, 9 degrees, was a positive one, for Uranus, the planet of surprise, was in sweet attitude to it. This suggests a windfall might have found its way to your bank account or soon will. However, there are lots of ways money could have arrived. A kind family member may have sent you a holiday check, or someone who owes you money may have finally paid you, hoping to end the year with a clean slate. Money went in and money went out, though, as it appears you were also paying as many people as possible.

January 9 might be a standout day, when Mars (traveling at 1 degree Taurus), together with Uranus (at 5 degrees Taurus) will send a message to Venus in your financial eighth house. You may suddenly hear that a one-time sum of money is heading to you—this news is likely to come out of the blue.

You may receive an additional bonus on this uncommon day, January 9, and it will come in the form of a strong hunch about a situation you are in that has puzzled you. You will not be able to shake this message—nor should you—for it will be sent to protect you. If your intuition gives you a strong message on January 9, you may want to follow it, even if you do not have enough data to confirm what it tells you. Intuition can be a strong guide when decisions must be made about ambiguous situations.

Not only may an intuitive feeling come on strong on January 9, but also on January 20, when Mars conjoins Uranus. Almost as if through a bolt of welcome inspirational lightning, you may get an epiphany about a mystery that has been nagging you for weeks or months. Now, suddenly you are able to put two and two together and see clearly what has been going on (though others have not wanted you to know).

Let’s look at the new moon of January 12 in Capricorn, 23 degrees. This new moon will appear in your financial eighth house of other people’s money, which rules all types of insurance payouts, government financial assistance programs, gifts, commissions, royalties, bonuses, bank loans, sponsorship and venture capital, mortgages, scholarships, student loans, inheritances, and prize winnings. With such an important financial new moon, consider making an application soon after it appears.

The new moon and Sun on January 12 will be friendly to Neptune, so if you are in the arts, or have created something of artistic value, this new moon will help you make an impressive sale. Neptune also rules the silver image, publicity, and to some degree, advertising (if your face is part of the advertising), so starting a focused campaign on your work may pay off big time, particularly if you are self-employed.

With a new moon in your eighth house, I feel you can locate a pipeline of money after January 12 and the days and weeks that follow…. Mars will reach out to lovely Venus from behind the scenes…, so it appears someone will be working on your behalf.

With a new moon in your eighth house, I feel you can locate a pipeline of money after January 12 and the days and weeks that follow because a new moon is always strongest directly after it appears. Mars will reach out to lovely Venus from behind the scenes—in this case, Venus is emphasizing money—so it appears someone will be working on your behalf, although you may not be cognizant of this kind person’s support now, or ever.

You should know about something else that has been going on in the background for months: Mars’ tour of Aries, a fire sign that blends well with yours. While Mars was in his extended stay in Aries, you had great interaction with friends and new acquaintances, and you got used to hearing from them on a regular basis. We are in a pandemic, so hopefully you didn’t see your friends in person, but stayed connected by phone or video chatting. You also might have seen your social media followers increase during this period. Now, your focus will change completely and dramatically.

Mars is now entering a quiet place in your solar chart, your twelfth house, a place where you will want to draw within to think about your future. It’s a time of inner reflection and planning. The twelfth house, where Mars will be from January 6 to March 3, echoes the womb, the place you occupied before you were born. This house is considered a place of enormous creativity, especially when working in solitude. Once Mars moves on to Gemini, it will be in your solar first house, a very busy and critical time for fresh starts (March 3 to April 23).

I have been reading reports about how the pandemic has affected various individuals. As a writer, I am used to working long hours alone at home. Some weeks, I don’t see a single person. My staff is based all over the globe, so we have been in virtual mode for many years. I assumed everyone would prefer working remotely because it is so much easier to concentrate, but I could not have been more wrong.

While there will always be people like me, many of my friends were missing their social lives much more than I knew. I figure mine will come back eventually, and I am patient. My friends are not so patient, and many of them began to show signs of pandemic fatigue. Some people can’t work at home, or even if they can, have children to care for while they work. Many were overwhelmed by having to do it all, including supervising remote learning and maintaining a home, while also tending to their careers.

Also, the pandemic has heaped difficult pressures on so many, whether the terrible grief of losing beloved relatives or close friends, or coping with a job loss, or the threat of eviction due to the loss of wages. If you have not been touched personally, then you may have heard about a family member or close friend dealing with loss, and you probably did all you could to help this person. Millennials, in particular, have had it hard as they came out of college around 2009, only to face a financial crisis that year, and 11 years later, 2020, had to face a bigger, even more massive financial crisis. They must feel the world is a dangerous place.

The world can be dangerous, but many millennials have a skewed perspective of it. If this describes you, it is understandable you would feel anxious, and fear at any moment the other shoe will drop. The point to keep in mind is your experience is not typical. Most of us run into career difficulties at some point in life, but it tends not to come early, or even if it does, it does not come as a double shot of reversals within almost one decade. That seems unfairly close.

The reason I am bringing this up is the coming weeks will be ideal for consulting a professional therapist or a member of the clergy to talk over your fears and reactions to all that is happening to you. Mars and Uranus will be traveling together in the twelfth house, which can create a great deal of progress in psychological matters. You may have been coping with too much by yourself, so it’s worth reaching out. Ask friends for recommendations, and with most therapists doing teleconferences, it’s easy to get to know if the therapist is right for you without having to travel to the office each week. See how you feel.

Next is the full moon, January 28 in Leo, 9 degrees, lighting your third house, which will now bring blessings from international relationships, travel (not now of course, but in time), publishing, broadcasting, and all legal matters. (You would see favor if you are a lawyer or if you need a lawyer to help you.) Academia is ruled by the ninth house (180 degrees away where the Sun is), and last month, taskmaster Saturn and good-fortune Jupiter both entered this area of your chart, making it an important hub for now and in the coming three years. (Houses that are 180 degrees, or six months, apart often will bounce information back and forth, particularly during a full moon.) I have a feeling much of your luck will revolve around your sterling ability in the communication arts.

You may be finishing up writing an important manuscript, screenplay, research paper, or report. If you write for television, you may be working on a special report or segment, or you could even host a show. If you didn’t write the piece or won’t host the show, you may serve as translator, researcher, or producer. You might also delve into related fields, such as public relations, advertising copy and strategy, social media, computer code writing, podcasting, app development, website creation, or virtual and augmented reality. All these areas are ones to consider for outstanding gain in coming years.

Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun at the full moon on January 28, and Jupiter is the natural ruler of your seventh house of committed partnership and marriage. A person—equal in status to you and equally committed to your success—will play an important role in your happiness at the full moon on January 28.

Getting ahead won’t be exactly easy, but as we know from any good plot, the protagonist has to first prove his or her worth by engaging in, and triumphing over, a series of life tests. The challenges will come as a result of Saturn and Jupiter, both of whom will be in Aquarius, opening the door of opportunity. But Mars and Uranus will be at odds with Saturn and Jupiter, and I feel that aspect, which is quite dynamic, will be able to force you out of a rut to try something new in the communications realm. You might find your luck on international shores, too. Sometimes we need something to nudge us out of repetitive patterns, and Mars and Uranus, traveling closely together all month, will do the job.

This full moon on January 28 coincides with a gorgeous aspect, Jupiter conjunct the Sun, an aspect I call the Luckiest Day of the Year. The Sun is the natural ruler of your solar third house, and this puts even more emphasis on your ability to communicate. It’s possible you’ll be asked to sign a contract while Mercury is retrograde, not a good time to do so. See if you can get that contract negotiated earlier in the month, for Mercury is your ruler, and signing close to or after Mercury goes retrograde would have a doubly frustrating effect on you.

Mercury will go retrograde from January 30 to February 20, which means if you want to buy yourself (or a family member) a new smart phone, computer, TV, or other electronic items, you need to buy in the first two weeks of January, as far from the second half of the month as possible. You will start to feel Mercury’s haywire mix-ups, delays, lack of stock, and other little nightmares a full two weeks prior to Mercury’s turning retrograde. You need to always stay as far away as possible from the start or end of a retrograde period—Mercury is a wild child at those times. I know it makes no sense, but he is not quite as bad in the middle of his retrograde, but even so, stay away and do not resume spending until March.

By the way, if you do decide to explore professional therapy at the start of the year (thanks to Mars and Uranus in your twelfth house, a good time to start), Mercury retrograde during almost all of February should bring additional help. Mercury is the planet of objective, rational, and intellectual communication of facts. Mercury is the planet of negotiation too, but Mercury’s talents become subdued when retrograde. Consider making your biggest actions early in January (in the first two weeks), and if you cannot, put things off.

The exception to “never do anything important during Mercury retrograde” is when you are looking to pick up the thread of something you started earlier. Review last year—what did you learn about yourself during the pandemic? Is there a project you had to put aside for some reason but remain passionate about reigniting? Now is the time to do it. Mercury retrograde will help stir your motivation during February.

Once Mars moves into Gemini, from March 3 to April 23, you will enter one of the most important periods of 2021 for your career, but also for other key goals you have regarding love, children, creative efforts, and personal development. Be ready! Use that period to initiate your most heartfelt ventures and relationships.


As the new year dawns, you’ll likely be organizing your finances. If anyone owes you money, you’ll be busy calling or sending gentle reminders. At the same time, in the first days of January, you will pay those people you owe, so you can start the year with as clean a slate as possible. This trend started late last month at the full moon in Cancer, December 29. At that time, you may have unexpectedly received good news about your income, possibly regarding a raise, a holiday gift of cash, or the receipt of money long-owed to you that you assumed you might never see.

More money dealings will come up after the January 12 new moon in Capricorn. Your outlook is complex, for on one hand, substantial money could flow to you. However, with Mars and Uranus challenging Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, your ruler, you might need to hire a lawyer to help wrangle money from someone who is stubbornly not paying you. If you have been waiting for venture capital, a bank loan, or a mortgage to be approved, the new moon of January 12 should bring good news, but at the same time, be prepared to deal with an excessive amount of paperwork, which could feel endless.

Tension over money will ease once you get to the latter part of January. The Luckiest Day of the Year will arrive January 28 with the Sun and good-fortune Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius, bringing news from a distance that will likely thrill you. The news might be about a publishing project, such as hearing that the manuscript you submitted for a book will, indeed, be published, or if you are a graduate student, your thesis was approved, or you passed the bar exam (or other major academic accomplishment). If you work in publishing, you may be asked to write the feature story for a respected newspaper or magazine, in print or digital form.

You may want to travel in late January, but until pandemic spikes simmer down, it’s best to follow the advice of authorities and stay home. The full moon of January 28 might bring a contract for you to sign, but if you anticipate one coming, do your best to have it delivered in early January. Ask both sides to do so, and ask your lawyer to be ready to attack it. There is good reason to be hasty.

Mercury will begin to retrograde on January 30, to last until February 20, and Mercury brings slowdowns and miscommunications. It’s a dreadful time to sign a contact, so if you anticipate having to sign an agreement, try to move things along, and sign in early January. You cannot run up against January 30, for you will feel the effects of Mercury far in advance of its turning retrograde. In fact, Mercury is at his worst at the start and end dates of the retrograde. If you can’t hurry things along, tell the group you will sign in March. That will give all sides time to think and hammer out the right language. The first days of March will sparkle like diamonds for your career.

A full moon will end the month, January 28, and as said, you will have cabin fever and need a change of scene. If so, choose a nearby location you always loved as a child but have not visited since. Don’t stay with friends or family—you need rest, so choose a small bed and breakfast or tiny hotel. The full moon of January 28 will be in Leo, so you will crave a touch of luxury.

This full moon of January 28 could bring an end to a writing assignment with a strict deadline. It looks as though your editor (or in the case of a business report, your boss) will require a number of corrections and refinements. Keep lines of communication open while you work to avoid excessive rewrites.

The coming months, March 3 to April 23, will be the most important of the year for you, and much of this time will center on your ability to skyrocket to stunning career success. Be patient—February is due to be great, and March and April, simply spectacular.

As of last month, you now have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in highly compatible Aquarius, a fantastic place for you to host Jupiter. Jupiter will see that you travel eventually—you will have almost all of 2021 to do so—and the pandemic will eventually come under control. Saturn is also in Aquarius, and your sense of long-range security will start to become more evident, even if you lost much in the pandemic. You can rebuild, and although you may be pushed to a new realm of work, you will find it better and easier to make profits.

A better life is coming to you dear Gemini—you’ve not had cosmic support on this level for many years. The eclipses will play their part too, in Gemini and your opposite sign of Sagittarius. They will arrive in Sagittarius on May 26, and the solar eclipse of June 10 will arrive in Gemini. The tide will bring you where you are supposed to be—a place that will emphasize your talents in communication, so have faith.

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