Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury will begin to retrograde on January 30, to last until February 20, and Mercury brings slowdowns and miscommunications. It’s a dreadful time to sign a contact, so if you anticipate having to sign an agreement, try to move things along, and sign in early January. You cannot run up against January 30, for you will feel the effects of Mercury far in advance of its turning retrograde. In fact, Mercury is at his worst at the start and end dates of the retrograde. If you can’t hurry things along, tell the group you will sign in March. That will give all sides time to think and hammer out the right language. The first days of March will sparkle like diamonds for your career.

A full moon will end the month, January 28, and as said, you will have cabin fever and need a change of scene. If so, choose a nearby location you always loved as a child but have not visited since. Don’t stay with friends or family—you need rest, so choose a small bed and breakfast or tiny hotel. The full moon of January 28 will be in Leo, so you will crave a touch of luxury.

This full moon of January 28 could bring an end to a writing assignment with a strict deadline. It looks as though your editor (or in the case of a business report, your boss) will require a number of corrections and refinements. Keep lines of communication open while you work to avoid excessive rewrites.

The coming months, March 3 to April 23, will be the most important of the year for you, and much of this time will center on your ability to skyrocket to stunning career success. Be patient—February is due to be great, and March and April, simply spectacular.

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