Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

By the way, if you do decide to explore professional therapy at the start of the year (thanks to Mars and Uranus in your twelfth house, a good time to start), Mercury retrograde during almost all of February should bring additional help. Mercury is the planet of objective, rational, and intellectual communication of facts. Mercury is the planet of negotiation too, but Mercury’s talents become subdued when retrograde. Consider making your biggest actions early in January (in the first two weeks), and if you cannot, put things off.

The exception to “never do anything important during Mercury retrograde” is when you are looking to pick up the thread of something you started earlier. Review last year—what did you learn about yourself during the pandemic? Is there a project you had to put aside for some reason but remain passionate about reigniting? Now is the time to do it. Mercury retrograde will help stir your motivation during February.

Once Mars moves into Gemini, from March 3 to April 23, you will enter one of the most important periods of 2021 for your career, but also for other key goals you have regarding love, children, creative efforts, and personal development. Be ready! Use that period to initiate your most heartfelt ventures and relationships.


As the new year dawns, you’ll likely be organizing your finances. If anyone owes you money, you’ll be busy calling or sending gentle reminders. At the same time, in the first days of January, you will pay those people you owe, so you can start the year with as clean a slate as possible. This trend started late last month at the full moon in Cancer, December 29. At that time, you may have unexpectedly received good news about your income, possibly regarding a raise, a holiday gift of cash, or the receipt of money long-owed to you that you assumed you might never see.

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