Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Getting ahead won’t be exactly easy, but as we know from any good plot, the protagonist has to first prove his or her worth by engaging in, and triumphing over, a series of life tests. The challenges will come as a result of Saturn and Jupiter, both of whom will be in Aquarius, opening the door of opportunity. But Mars and Uranus will be at odds with Saturn and Jupiter, and I feel that aspect, which is quite dynamic, will be able to force you out of a rut to try something new in the communications realm. You might find your luck on international shores, too. Sometimes we need something to nudge us out of repetitive patterns, and Mars and Uranus, traveling closely together all month, will do the job.

This full moon on January 28 coincides with a gorgeous aspect, Jupiter conjunct the Sun, an aspect I call the Luckiest Day of the Year. The Sun is the natural ruler of your solar third house, and this puts even more emphasis on your ability to communicate. It’s possible you’ll be asked to sign a contract while Mercury is retrograde, not a good time to do so. See if you can get that contract negotiated earlier in the month, for Mercury is your ruler, and signing close to or after Mercury goes retrograde would have a doubly frustrating effect on you.

Mercury will go retrograde from January 30 to February 20, which means if you want to buy yourself (or a family member) a new smart phone, computer, TV, or other electronic items, you need to buy in the first two weeks of January, as far from the second half of the month as possible. You will start to feel Mercury’s haywire mix-ups, delays, lack of stock, and other little nightmares a full two weeks prior to Mercury’s turning retrograde. You need to always stay as far away as possible from the start or end of a retrograde period—Mercury is a wild child at those times. I know it makes no sense, but he is not quite as bad in the middle of his retrograde, but even so, stay away and do not resume spending until March.

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