Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Next is the full moon, January 28 in Leo, 9 degrees, lighting your third house, which will now bring blessings from international relationships, travel (not now of course, but in time), publishing, broadcasting, and all legal matters. (You would see favor if you are a lawyer or if you need a lawyer to help you.) Academia is ruled by the ninth house (180 degrees away where the Sun is), and last month, taskmaster Saturn and good-fortune Jupiter both entered this area of your chart, making it an important hub for now and in the coming three years. (Houses that are 180 degrees, or six months, apart often will bounce information back and forth, particularly during a full moon.) I have a feeling much of your luck will revolve around your sterling ability in the communication arts.

You may be finishing up writing an important manuscript, screenplay, research paper, or report. If you write for television, you may be working on a special report or segment, or you could even host a show. If you didn’t write the piece or won’t host the show, you may serve as translator, researcher, or producer. You might also delve into related fields, such as public relations, advertising copy and strategy, social media, computer code writing, podcasting, app development, website creation, or virtual and augmented reality. All these areas are ones to consider for outstanding gain in coming years.

Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun at the full moon on January 28, and Jupiter is the natural ruler of your seventh house of committed partnership and marriage. A person—equal in status to you and equally committed to your success—will play an important role in your happiness at the full moon on January 28.

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