Gemini Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

While there will always be people like me, many of my friends were missing their social lives much more than I knew. I figure mine will come back eventually, and I am patient. My friends are not so patient, and many of them began to show signs of pandemic fatigue. Some people can’t work at home, or even if they can, have children to care for while they work. Many were overwhelmed by having to do it all, including supervising remote learning and maintaining a home, while also tending to their careers.

Also, the pandemic has heaped difficult pressures on so many, whether the terrible grief of losing beloved relatives or close friends, or coping with a job loss, or the threat of eviction due to the loss of wages. If you have not been touched personally, then you may have heard about a family member or close friend dealing with loss, and you probably did all you could to help this person. Millennials, in particular, have had it hard as they came out of college around 2009, only to face a financial crisis that year, and 11 years later, 2020, had to face a bigger, even more massive financial crisis. They must feel the world is a dangerous place.

The world can be dangerous, but many millennials have a skewed perspective of it. If this describes you, it is understandable you would feel anxious, and fear at any moment the other shoe will drop. The point to keep in mind is your experience is not typical. Most of us run into career difficulties at some point in life, but it tends not to come early, or even if it does, it does not come as a double shot of reversals within almost one decade. That seems unfairly close.

The reason I am bringing this up is the coming weeks will be ideal for consulting a professional therapist or a member of the clergy to talk over your fears and reactions to all that is happening to you. Mars and Uranus will be traveling together in the twelfth house, which can create a great deal of progress in psychological matters. You may have been coping with too much by yourself, so it’s worth reaching out. Ask friends for recommendations, and with most therapists doing teleconferences, it’s easy to get to know if the therapist is right for you without having to travel to the office each week. See how you feel.

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