Gemini Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Gemini

The outlook for this new moon is mixed, but it is possible for you to sidestep any obstacle it might bring up. On the plus side, Uranus could help you make good money from your idea as the planet of surprise is in perfect angle to Mars and Venus in Capricorn. Also, Jupiter will be in lovely angle to Saturn, helping you make a strong and lasting positive impression.

On the minus side, Uranus will be square the Sun, so you may encounter an untoward event that temporarily knocks you sideways until you figure out a way to counter the news. Uranus is taking the lead at this new moon. Fortunately, Uranus will encourage your creative thinking and, as said earlier, also help you make money from your ideas. Use this new moon—it can support you, despite the difficulties.

Making money sounds great because you’ve been spending more than usual lately. You may be paying off holiday gifts that you put on credit cards or had higher than usual expenses. Nevertheless, you will find the outgo drops after Mars moves to Aquarius on February 13. Ironically, Mars will stimulate the same area of your chart as the Sun, new moon (February 9), Pluto, and your ruler Mercury—they will all be in Aquarius. This shows how important this trend will be for you. Along with an emphasis on the media, you will also have a strong focus on international travel and relationships, legal matters, and higher education.

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