Gemini Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Gemini

The heavenly bodies in your February horoscope—after the new moon arrives February 9—will be in Aquarius, a sign ruling science, high tech, mathematics, and all future innovation. This means we would include the world of NFTs, digital games, and artificial intelligence, too. In this instance, you may be working on something very new and exciting. The February 9 new moon arrives in your compatible sign of Aquarius, 21 degrees.

There is a major problem with this new moon, though—Uranus will be in direct conflict with what comes up, presenting an obstacle. The Sun (which rules your assignments) and the full moon (which is tied to your personal finances) will both be involved, so it could cost you money or bring up a legal matter. What arises up will not be something you expect.

You have been spending a great deal lately due to the position of Mars, but this outgo of money will simmer down once Mars reaches Aquarius on February 13. This will add even more fuel to this new moon, increasing the likelihood that one of the topics I’ve listed will occupy your time this month and also during Mars’ journey through this same part of your chart, from February 13 to March 22.

At the new moon, Uranus will encourage your creative thinking and also help you make money from your ideas.

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