Gemini Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are moving into a much more favorable period now, one in which you will be able to use your talents to a greater degree, and opportunities will likely come to you because you have earned them. Increasingly, you may find yourself at precisely the right place at the right time, where you may gain respect, and at work, you could receive compensation that matches your rising status. When Saturn and Jupiter recently moved into Aquarius for the first time in decades on December 16 and 19, respectively, both planets were in line to support you. You’ve probably not felt this kind of planetary support in many years, and you may have given up even hoping you’d ever have it again.

You just came through an interesting full moon, January 28, in Leo, 9 degrees. You may have attracted media attention within four days of that full moon. The sign of that full moon, Leo, is ruled by the Sun, and by coincidence, the Sun was conjunct Jupiter, making for the Luckiest Day of the Year. (We didn’t have a Luckiest Day in 2020 because we had it December 27, 2019—it skipped 2020.)

The full moon fell in your third house, indicating you may have had a contract to sign on that day or within four days of January 28. Jupiter is associated with financial bounty, so if you did make a formal agreement, you are likely to receive exceedingly generous compensation when you fulfill that contract’s promise.

There’s one more way that the full moon of January 28 may have worked out for you, if you plan to do something important with your sister, brother, or cousin. The third house has a strong association with these particular close kin. Perhaps you are working on a business venture together, launching an important new product with your sibling, or deciding to buy property together. If so, the enterprise you are involved in now may require a lot of funding, but it is also likely to bring you hefty profits in time.

There were some crosscurrents in the background—it seems you may have a hidden competitor who would like to get as much information as possible about what you are doing these days. It’s also possible there is a jealous person nearby, someone not at all happy about your success. Little signs of envy will leak out and reveal this person’s true feelings, even though no words will ever address this situation. You cannot do much about this other than to be kind to this person—they are suffering from low self-esteem.

That full moon will benefit those Gemini whose birthday falls on May 29, plus or minus four days. The same benefits would accrue to those who have Gemini rising 9 degrees, plus or minus four degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 9 degrees, plus or minus four degrees. If you do have a natal chart with the signs and degrees listed, note what happened at the end of January or will occur in the first few days of February—take notes, so you can refer back later in the year.

The biggest moment of the month will arrive at or just after the new moon on February 11 in Aquarius, 23 degrees. It is always important to note the sign and degrees of the new moon, for a new moon will refresh and redirect one or more of your interests in the house in which it falls. In this case, the intellectual ninth house—ruling international relationships and distant travel, philosophy and debate, legal matters and the court system, the media, and academia for both student and professor—will be activated.

Dear Gemini, your talent in the communication arts will be central to your success in February and throughout 2021.

I need you to see how remarkable and exciting this particular new moon can potentially be for you—it could put you on a new road and present opportunities you’ve never encountered before. This new moon will arrive dressed to the nines in her white satin gown and long white gloves, holding the arm of her partner, the Sun, who is dressed in a tux for the occasion. Both, of course, are in Aquarius, 23 degrees. The new moon’s entire entourage of planets will be in Aquarius, too: Venus, Mercury (your ruler), good-fortune Jupiter, and Saturn. An alignment of planets like this is rare—With the Sun and new moon there are six, all in Aquarius, all sending kisses to your Gemini Sun.

Occasionally over the past three years, you had a heavy concentration in Capricorn—putting your mind on money—but Capricorn is an earth sign, possibly making you feel that the environment you were working within was heavy and sometimes smothering. At times, it may have seemed you had to move a mountain, one inch at a time. Now, you have a completely different environment as each one of these planets in fellow air-sign Aquarius will lighten and support you so you can more easily get things done and get to where you want to be.

As a Gemini, you’re likely talented in communication, and the area of your solar chart, the ninth house, is where a plethora of planets are going. Your ninth house relates to curiosity and discovery—and as an alert, always-up-to-date Gemini, the area that the ninth house rules will be just your cup of tea. Gemini are often writers, journalists, speakers, lecturers or teachers, editors, translators, or library researchers.

Communications-oriented jobs also include working in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media. Other Gemini work in telecommunications, app development, podcasting, network, cable or Internet broadcasting, or publishing in any capacity. Other Gemini might opt to become software engineers to create products that facilitate communication. This is because you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. All air signs go after truth: Gemini, as purveyors of information; Libra, often in the area of law where truth is debated; and Aquarius, where truth is explored in a scientific realm. Air signs put information through many sieves to arrive at the facts that will build a foundation.

These areas will glow brightly now, thanks to a gaggle of planets entering air-sign Aquarius. Other industries included under Aquarius will also make great strides: scientific exploration of space and the oceans, advances in medical technology, and the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, all due to Aquarian energy.

Saturn will remain in this house until March 2023, but Jupiter will leave briefly this year from May 13 through July 28, 2021, and then finish his tour of Aquarius until December 28, 2021, with no plans to return to Aquarius until April 2032.

As Jupiter changes signs each year, he shines his golden light of good fortune in different sectors of your chart—you have 12 sectors, and it takes him 12 years to visit all of them. This year, as said, your ninth house is being given special favor, and it includes, aside from all the areas I mentioned already, higher education.

If you are considering going back to college or graduate school this year, 2021 would be the year to do it, so apply as soon as you can. Don’t assume you won’t get into your favorite school or can’t afford the tuition. Jupiter is capable of occasionally imparting a miracle, so try. You might have to do remote learning, but of all the signs, you are among the most flexible and adaptable and can pivot by using a new approach when necessary. Aquarius rules the digital realm, an area you are particularly well-suited to enter.

The ninth house is also known to be the house of long-distance travel, but with a vicious pandemic raging and growing stronger in its mutations, this does not seem to be the right time to go overseas, not unless you have a dire emergency. I realize your dream of resuming travel—after all, you are one of the two travel signs (Sagittarius is the other)—is strong. Still, you may fondly remember how much fun you had when traveling, but for now, going during a pandemic will not be as much fun. Alas, restaurants are restricted to mainly takeout or outdoor dining, and in northern hemisphere climates, such as in New York City, it is much too cold to eat in the outdoor tents. Each US state and foreign country has different requirements for travelers, including periods of quarantine and the necessity to get COVID tests before and after. For now, you might want to put travel aside. Saturn is in this house, and Saturn is known to set up roadblocks and red tape.

On the other hand, you may find outstanding luck working with companies abroad. Consider expanding into import-export, writing for foreign publications, or having your published work translated into various languages. Foreign markets glitter for you, and by searching for these types of opportunities, you would find it stimulating to deal with people in cities around the globe without ever having to leave your home.

Lastly, if you have a legal case pending in the courts, the news is likely to come up after February 11. Saturn’s presence suggests any court case could take a long time to complete, as long as the time he will spend in this house, until March of 2023. You might want to investigate arbitration because the verdict will be favorable for you in 2021, but beyond this year, you may run into delay after delay and less desirable outcomes.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde in Aquarius most of the month, a trend that started January 30 and that will go to February 20. Mercury retrograde will urge you to go back to past associations. After the new moon on February 11, an opportunity might reunite you with a favorite executive you once worked with successfully, or you may go back to a former company or pick up a project that had to be put aside for lack of time or money. It’s also possible no one on your team could think straight when the crisis of the pandemic hit, but now that you have adjusted to this new lifestyle, you may want to give that project another look.

Do your best not to sign a contract during Mercury retrograde. As you read this, it’s already too late, and when Mercury goes direct, February 20, you should not jump on the following day—wait until March, leaving a space of plenty of days. Do not buy a car or any electronic item until March as well.

Will there be any bumps in the road? Possibly. Mars and Uranus will be at odds with one or two of the planets in Aquarius. Uranus will challenge Saturn, so you should have a lawyer look over legal documents before signing in March, for a clause you may assume is harmless could suddenly come back to bite you. Not correcting that clause could prove a costly mistake, and with unpredictable Uranus, the unhappy surprise is always something you never even saw as a possibility.

Mars’ challenge of Mercury could bring out a friend who is jealous of your success. His or her feelings will leak out at odd times—it will be impossible for your friend to hold it in—but you will need to listen very closely because it will be subtle. Discovering this is likely to distress you. Here is what I think: Everyone has been a little raw during this year-long pandemic, so allow your friend some slack. This may be an atypical feeling of envy, so don’t rush to judgment. In time, it will be your friend’s turn to get good career news, and your relationship will even out.

The full moon near month’s end, Saturday, February 27, will be in Virgo at 9 degrees and will draw your attention to the warmth of family and the joys of being home. This full moon will bring a sweet surprise as Uranus, this time in gorgeous angle to the full moon, could deliver news about a family member that will likely make you very happy. A new baby could be on the way (as just one of many possibilities), or someone in your family may receive a huge promotion, representing a career milestone.

Alternatively, if the full moon does not bring culminating news about a family member, it may focus you on your home or other property you may own, rent, or want to buy.

February 27 may be the day you move into a new spacious home, or if you are not moving, it may mark the day your painters or contractors finish up an important job for you. If you have put a bid on a house or condo that you love but worry others may outbid you, you may receive surprising, sudden news that you will win the bid. You might have a formal closing on a property at month’s end or in the first week of March, a great time to do so.

One way or another, a change is coming to the home—this will thrill you, for it’s coming at just the right time.


Gemini can expect a spectacular February! Six out of ten heavenly bodies—the new moon, Sun, your ruler Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn—are all in Aquarius, an air sign like yours, and each will support you 100 percent. Having six planets align in one sign is remarkable as this is the maximum number that can happen in your lifetime. Each of these planets will cluster in your intellectual ninth house, and the new moon of February 11 in Aquarius will set off the opportunities these planets portend. What type of opportunities?

There will be a great many possibilities, and you will be able to choose from these. Gemini is known to be talented in publishing and broadcasting, as a writer, editor, speaker, teacher, publicist, advertising strategist, coder, and other roles related to the communication arts. One of these areas, plus shipping, couriers, or travel, may now light up for you, and your work will likely be in a new arena regarding apps, podcasts, social media, or other digital platforms.

Another possible gain could include forming international business relationships, global travel for the future (after the pandemic is over), and immigration matters. Higher education is also covered by the ninth house, and you may consider going to college or university for a degree. If you’re already a student, you will do exceedingly well this year. This trend might also encourage you to be philosophical and perhaps motivate you to learn more about what the great thinkers have said about the nature and mysteries of life.

The problem with this new moon is that Mars (planet of energy) is close to Uranus (the planet of surprise), taunting one or two of the planets in Aquarius from your twelfth house of behind-the-scenes activities. It seems a friend might be jealous of your success, but instead of telling you, would rather sulk around and act oddly. You might want to assure your friend that they matter to you and that soon they, too, will have something to celebrate. So many people have struggled with being shuttered within, so give your friend time to adjust and try not to be judgmental.

If you are signing a contract, forget about trying to save money—hire a lawyer. With Uranus at odds with Saturn in your legal house, this will be worth every penny, for the one clause you overlook could come back to bite you and prove to be a costly mistake.

Despite these little ripples, you’ll have substantial cosmic help, and you can win this round, but it will not be a smooth-as-silk victory. You will have all you need to triumph, but you will need to be prepared to negotiate to make the situation fair. With Uranus involved, you won’t expect what might surface. Take your time.

This same new moon of February 11, and the full moon before that, January 28, both gave you a longing to travel. You’ve been cooped up in your apartment for months due to the coronavirus, but it may still be too early to venture out. You might want to use the time to become deeply involved in a writing project, and as you do your research, the walls should drop away as your imagination takes flight.

Until authorities say it is safe to return to parts of your normal life, be careful. Mars will be in Taurus until March 3, lighting your twelfth house and putting you in contact with medical personnel more than usual. Now is no time to take chances with your health. Gemini’s weak body part is always the lungs, so dress appropriately when you do daily errands, and keep your chest and hands warm.

Your ruler Mercury will be in retrograde almost all month, until February 20. Allow a space of days after Mercury turns direct before resuming normal activities, such as signing contracts.

An important date will be February 27, when you will have a full moon in Virgo to light your solar fourth house of home and family. You may move to a new house at month’s end, or with powerful support from Uranus, you may find the perfect solution to a decorating project you are doing for your home. Alternatively, sudden news about a family member might be as thrilling as it is unexpected. Mercury (by then moving direct) will orbit close to Jupiter, indicating the news should make you happy.

If you are working on a communications assignment, you will make good progress, and your work has a good chance of bringing applause. Don’t rush—hand in something highly polished, for it seems many eyes will see it.

If your birthday falls on or close to June 13, you will have support at the February 11 new moon, and it seems you will get an outstanding, memorable opportunity. The same is true If you have Gemini rising at 23 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If you have a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 23 degrees, that planet will become very active.

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