Gemini Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


Gemini can expect a spectacular February! Six out of ten heavenly bodies—the new moon, Sun, your ruler Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn—are all in Aquarius, an air sign like yours, and each will support you 100 percent. Having six planets align in one sign is remarkable as this is the maximum number that can happen in your lifetime. Each of these planets will cluster in your intellectual ninth house, and the new moon of February 11 in Aquarius will set off the opportunities these planets portend. What type of opportunities?

There will be a great many possibilities, and you will be able to choose from these. Gemini is known to be talented in publishing and broadcasting, as a writer, editor, speaker, teacher, publicist, advertising strategist, coder, and other roles related to the communication arts. One of these areas, plus shipping, couriers, or travel, may now light up for you, and your work will likely be in a new arena regarding apps, podcasts, social media, or other digital platforms.

Another possible gain could include forming international business relationships, global travel for the future (after the pandemic is over), and immigration matters. Higher education is also covered by the ninth house, and you may consider going to college or university for a degree. If you’re already a student, you will do exceedingly well this year. This trend might also encourage you to be philosophical and perhaps motivate you to learn more about what the great thinkers have said about the nature and mysteries of life.

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