Gemini Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars’ challenge of Mercury could bring out a friend who is jealous of your success. His or her feelings will leak out at odd times—it will be impossible for your friend to hold it in—but you will need to listen very closely because it will be subtle. Discovering this is likely to distress you. Here is what I think: Everyone has been a little raw during this year-long pandemic, so allow your friend some slack. This may be an atypical feeling of envy, so don’t rush to judgment. In time, it will be your friend’s turn to get good career news, and your relationship will even out.

The full moon near month’s end, Saturday, February 27, will be in Virgo at 9 degrees and will draw your attention to the warmth of family and the joys of being home. This full moon will bring a sweet surprise as Uranus, this time in gorgeous angle to the full moon, could deliver news about a family member that will likely make you very happy. A new baby could be on the way (as just one of many possibilities), or someone in your family may receive a huge promotion, representing a career milestone.

Alternatively, if the full moon does not bring culminating news about a family member, it may focus you on your home or other property you may own, rent, or want to buy.

February 27 may be the day you move into a new spacious home, or if you are not moving, it may mark the day your painters or contractors finish up an important job for you. If you have put a bid on a house or condo that you love but worry others may outbid you, you may receive surprising, sudden news that you will win the bid. You might have a formal closing on a property at month’s end or in the first week of March, a great time to do so.

One way or another, a change is coming to the home—this will thrill you, for it’s coming at just the right time.

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