Gemini Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

These areas will glow brightly now, thanks to a gaggle of planets entering air-sign Aquarius. Other industries included under Aquarius will also make great strides: scientific exploration of space and the oceans, advances in medical technology, and the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, all due to Aquarian energy.

Saturn will remain in this house until March 2023, but Jupiter will leave briefly this year from May 13 through July 28, 2021, and then finish his tour of Aquarius until December 28, 2021, with no plans to return to Aquarius until April 2032.

As Jupiter changes signs each year, he shines his golden light of good fortune in different sectors of your chart—you have 12 sectors, and it takes him 12 years to visit all of them. This year, as said, your ninth house is being given special favor, and it includes, aside from all the areas I mentioned already, higher education.

If you are considering going back to college or graduate school this year, 2021 would be the year to do it, so apply as soon as you can. Don’t assume you won’t get into your favorite school or can’t afford the tuition. Jupiter is capable of occasionally imparting a miracle, so try. You might have to do remote learning, but of all the signs, you are among the most flexible and adaptable and can pivot by using a new approach when necessary. Aquarius rules the digital realm, an area you are particularly well-suited to enter.

The ninth house is also known to be the house of long-distance travel, but with a vicious pandemic raging and growing stronger in its mutations, this does not seem to be the right time to go overseas, not unless you have a dire emergency. I realize your dream of resuming travel—after all, you are one of the two travel signs (Sagittarius is the other)—is strong. Still, you may fondly remember how much fun you had when traveling, but for now, going during a pandemic will not be as much fun. Alas, restaurants are restricted to mainly takeout or outdoor dining, and in northern hemisphere climates, such as in New York City, it is much too cold to eat in the outdoor tents. Each US state and foreign country has different requirements for travelers, including periods of quarantine and the necessity to get COVID tests before and after. For now, you might want to put travel aside. Saturn is in this house, and Saturn is known to set up roadblocks and red tape.

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